Hot Weather Affects Solar Panels

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MEDFORD, Ore. —  Tuesday’s above average temperatures meant below average production for one industry.

Tom McDowell with Rogue Solar in Medford said one of the largest misconceptions about solar energy is that on hot days, panels will produce more energy.

In reality, high temperatures actually produce significantly less energy than they would on an average day.

Technicians say the reason behind that is when the conductors in the panels get hot, it actually creates resistance and energy does not flow as easily as when temperatures are cooler.

Rogue Solar has several panels installed that double as a car port at their office, and this afternoon those panels were only producing at about 60 percent of the full capacity. On a more mild day, technicians say it would typically be much higher.

“It’s probably somewhere in the five to 10 percent range [less] on a hot day like today. Once it gets over 100 degrees, you’re probably losing, it could be as much as 10 percent of your production,” said McDowell.

Rogue Solar also says solar panels will not be hurt from the high temperatures,  but they do say that conversion equipment could be damaged, and recommend that equipment is inside or in a shaded area.

Rogue Solar says that panels actually produce the most energy on a clear day when temperatures are below freezing, and when that happens later in the year, it will help offset less efficient days caused by hot weather.