Hot Shot Crew Works Swing Shift

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MERLIN, Ore. — There’s the crew that works during the day and the crew that works during the night. Tuesday a swing shift from noon to midnight was put into place. This hot shot crew focuses on waiting for the right time to burn out.

As the sun set on day 25 of the Big Windy fire, officials were busy putting the finishing touches on the latest forecast for the complex.

“We want to make our firefighters aware of what is possible just so they can have a contingency plan in place and it’s not a surprise to them,” said fire behavior analyst
Chris Johnson.

Johnson uses the forecast to predict how the fire will be burning. Tuesday a new “swing shift” of hot shots were brought in working a noon to midnight shift and will capitalize on just the right moment to execute a burnout.
Meteorologist for the Big Windy fire are also keeping an eye on the thunderstorms that will be rolling into southern Oregon.

“The focus of the activity is going to be mainly to the south and east of the Big Windy Complex Fire over the next couple of days, but still in that threat area. We could still see something of the isolated variety,” said incident meteorologist John Pelton