Hot Again By Sunday

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Thursday proved to be beautiful, with plenty of blue skies and spring-like temperatures.  It was a rare gem in our typical summer pattern.  That summer heat returns by the end of the weekend and sticks around for the majority of next week.  The coolest days that we will see for a while are going to be this Friday and Saturday.

The trough that brought showers, storms, and cooler temperatures is much further north and east now, and we are seeing dry, west to east flow aloft.  Over the next several days, a high pressure ridge will develop in the upper levels of the atmosphere.  At the surface, there are already signs of a thermal trough forming to our south.  This is the same set-up we see when afternoon temps climb near and above 100 degrees.  In fact, by Sunday, highs will be about ten degrees above average.  That’s a stark contrast from Thursday, where record lows were set in both Klamath Falls and Lakeview.

To go along with the oppressive heat next week, there is the chance for isolated thunderstorms in northern California, as well as along and east of the Cascades and west side valleys.  A few waves of energy enter the region, and with plenty of daytime heating, that means a few afternoon storms.  We will keep a close eye on any thunderstorm activity, as fuels are still very dry, even after the rainfall earlier this week.

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Chief Meteorologist Kate McKenna