Hospitals Respond to FDA Soap Guidelines

soap hospitalsMEDFORD, Ore. —    The FDA is raising concerns about the antibacterial chemicals in many soaps and cleaning products, but a local hospital says it should not affect its doctors or patients.

Providence Medical Center in Medford uses an antiseptic, alcohol-based hand sanitizer before and after seeing patients. That’s different from antibacterial hand soaps bought in stores.

The hospital has the hand sanitizer dispensers located around the campus.

“Just ensure that you’re washing your hands frequently,” said Donna Rudy, Director of Perioperative Services at Providence. “Before eating, after using the restroom, and if you’re visiting someone in the hospital, please wash your hands before and after and expect the same from your health care workers.”

The FDA said Monday that the makers of antibacterial hand soap and body wash need to prove it is more effective than regular soap and water.