Hope for the Holidays Winners

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MEDFORD, Ore. — NewsWatch 12 and Rogue Credit Union on Monday handed out the checks to the recipients of this year’s Hope for the Holidays.

The 12 people receiving the most votes split the largest check total ever. Rogue Credit Union matched up to $1,500. The rest came from donations from the community.

There were more than 15,000 visits to KDRV and Rogue Credit Union’s websites during the contest, as people looked at the stories of the nominees, voting for the winners or donating to prize total for the winners. For this year’s Hope for the Holidays, there were over 400 nominations, 14,626 votes were cast, and $6,500 dollars were raised.

Greg and Kayla Huebner received $1,000, and each of the 11 other nominees received $500 each.

Here’s the list of winners for Hope for the Holidays:

Greg and Kayla Huebner
Matt Hankey and Family
Izabell Rodriguez
Sarah Kostrna
Tenille Worthington and Family
Thad Grogan and Family
Million Family.
Caroline and Richard Volkman
Laurie Houston
The Felder Family
Michael & Julie Strong
The Simone Family


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  1. Kathleen Hori says:

    Can we get the names of all those who won?

  2. single mom says:

    It really sucks because some of those people have money and the ones who have nothing who actually needed that money to survive didn’t get any help at all

  3. sarah says:

    what are the names of the others who won its not posted it would be nice to know who all the winners are

  4. Mel Live says:

    Single Mom…My good friend won one of the $500. She has serious health issues. Next time think before you write. I am glad she won. She has struggled to make ends meet!! The sad thing is that she had a good job before she got real sick, now she no longer has that job and is trying so hard to get disability but can’t because there are some lazy people out there who got kicked off welfare and went straight to disability. She has a wonderful heart and a good spirit.

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