Homicide Investigation Continues

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MEDFORD, Ore. —  At approximately 10 p.m. Monday night police raided a house on the 2000 block of west McAndrews Road.  However, they did not find what they were looking for according to Medford Police.

Police raided the same house Monday afternoon.  According to Sargent Brent Mak of the Medford Police Department, law officials believe the suspect could have been at the house earlier Monday, and had reason to believe he could have been there during the time of the second raid.

SWAT, detectives, Medford Police Department, and the Jackson County Sheriff’s department were all at the house during the second raid Monday night.  A canine unit was also spotted.

Police said they are investigating other residences in the West Medford area.

Police are gathering evidence and issuing search warrants in search of the suspect responsible for Sunday’s homicide.

On Monday afternoon, a SWAT team was deployed to search a house on McAndrews road.  Police said they believed there was evidence or a subject at the house linked to the murder.  However, they came out empty handed.

At this time, police are not revealing how many residences they are searching or any kind of detailed plan of investigation.  They say they are keeping information private, and working aggressively to solve this case.

According to police, the first 72 hours are crucial in solving open investigations.

“It’s pretty dynamic,” said Medford Chief of Police Tim George.  ” Things are going fast, and things are being collected, and statements are being taken in a short time span… less than 72 hours so there is a lot going on right now.”

The victim is named as 38 year-old Maria Rodriguez.   Currently, police say she suffered multiple stab wounds before dying at a neighbor’s apartment moments later.

According to police, the public is not at risk in this situation.

They are still looking for the unknown suspect.  Witnesses identified him as a Hispanic male, 5’7 feet tall, 180 pounds, and wearing a blue or turquoise shirt.


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  1. Phil Davies says:

    My guess is a hit of some kind. The killer is no danger to anyone else that doesn’t make his bosses mad. He is probably either in Mexico or on his way there.

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