Tiny Homes to Help the Homeless

homes for the homlessASHLAND, Ore. — Tiny homes are popping up in parts of Oregon, and now Southern Oregon leaders are wondering how they could help the homeless.

The director of the Ashland resource center says with the cost of living going up, a tiny home could help low-income families here afford a place to live. It could also help people who are on the streets get back on their feet.

Leigh Madsen with the Ashland Community Resource Center says, “So that tiny housing gives people a place to stabilize. To begin to heal. To recover if it’s an addition issue. If it’s a family issue, all of those things happen. Even if it’s the tiniest house.”

The Ashland community resource center says it wants to build a community of tiny homes for the homeless, but current zoning issues are making it more difficult.