Homeowners Trying to Reduce Water Use

drought homeownersPHOENIX, Ore. – Homeowners have taken steps to reduce the water usage in their own yards as the region goes through drought conditions.

Landscapers said some homeowners are opting to put things into yards that don’t consume water, like rocks and bark. They said in the summer months, those alternative landscaping options become more popular than grass or other types of plants, as people try to save water and also save money on their water bills.

“We’re dealing with a family right now in Ashland who’s pulling out a 20-year garden,” said Pete Cislo of Leave Your Mark Landscaping Supply. “And they’re doing it all in rock, they’re putting rock back in rather than flowers. So there’s a lot of different choices to do.”

The city of Ashland also started a program to have lawns replaced with drought-tolerant plants. People who take part would save between 20 and 70 percent on their water bill as a result.