Homeowners Deal with Douglas Complex

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GLENDALE, Ore. — Raul Sanchez lives along Rattlesnake Road. Right here is his drive way and a couple of days ago the fire was just right across the road. Sanchez stands along the road, pointing out smoldering leftovers of the Douglas Complex.

”The way I seen the flames the other day…it would have jumped,” said Sanchez.

Sanchez and his family were able to evacuate but it was a close call for his farm and newly built house just a couple hundred feet away.

“I would have lost quite a few acres, probably would have lost the house and a lot of the animals and this would have gone easy I know it would have and Glendale would’ve been in flames,” said Sanchez.

Even though the fire had potential, fire crews were on the lookout. Firefighters like Chris Tate are trained watchmen. They pace property lines back and forth watching for fires that could threaten properties. He saw the fire coming over the mountain and radioed for back up.

“It backed down through here. We prepped along the creek and along the road and then the fire they were going to burn it out but the fire did it itself, it just came down kind of burned down to the edge,” Diamond Wildfire Firefighter Chris Tate.

Today a controlled fire line is in place with hose running around the perimeter just in case the fire starts back up, a scenario Tate says is unlikely. As for residents like Sanchez, they’re glad to be returning home.

“Lot more relaxing to come here and be home and watching my own place you know and hoping for the best for everybody,” said Sanchez.

Glendale residents living along McCulough Creek Road and Mouth Ruben Road are allowed back into their home under precautionary measures. The Red Cross shelter is scheduled to close Sunday at noon.