Saving Money Through A Heat Pump

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. – A Grants Pass homeowner is saving thousands of dollars by tapping into what mother nature already offers us. He’s installing what’s considered one of the most efficient heating and cooling technologies available.

Crews are working to drill several holes in the front yard. The homeowner says once this project is completed, he’ll be able to utilize the ground as a heat source.

“It stores energy and it’s available for us to tap and use in a good way,” homeowner Kevin Gill said.

Gill is combining what mother nature already offers with a ground source heat pump. This is how it works: pipes are installed into the ground, then water or an anti-freeze solution is pumped into those pipes.

“Kind of like a radiator in your car,” Gill explained. “But the radiator in your car is buried in the ground.”

During the summer, when the house heats up, the solution circulates to transfer cooler temperatures to your home from underground. during the winter, the pump absorbs the heat from the ground to heat your home. Gill says initial costs may deter some from installing the pump.

“This system is probably going to cost about $25,000,” he said. “It generally takes 8 to 12 years to get your return investment.”

Gill also tells NewsWatch12 that the benefits flow back through tax credits.

“He’s probably going to get back $8-9,000 right off the bat,” explained Alan Martin, President of Caveman Heating. “Customers are reporting back 40 to 60 energy savings. we have clients that have 6,500 square foot houses and their total electric bill is 275 bucks in the middle of winter.”

The heat pump will also last two decades; a savings and comfort Gill believes is worth having.

Crews say it’ll take about a week till everything is completed. For more information on an Oregon tax credit for a project like this, click here.