Homeless Better Off After Event

rob homeless webMEDFORD, Ore. — The fifth annual Project Community Connect is more than a month in the rear-view mirror, and now numbers are in on how many homeless were helped.

Private business, government agencies and volunteers came together for the good cause back on May 31st. Among the donations that on that day, more than 500 lunches were served, 40 pets were treated by veterinarians and nearly 300 medical and dental services were provided.

Event officials say being able to provided a variety of services at one place makes a big difference to those who need it most.

“Trying to get around town to visit all the agencies they might need to see to get their life back on track and so instead of having to do that, there’s one day when they can come to one place and get all the services they need and it makes a world of difference,” said Project Community Connect chair, Jan Sanderson Taylor

The event is held every May and is expected to be back next year.