Home Video Spots Cougar Near Rural Home

cougarBUTTE FALLS, Ore. — A southern Oregon woman caught an unexpected visitor on her surveillance camera at her home in rural Jackson County.

The video posted to Linda Stockton’s Facebook page shows two cougars roaming through her backyard in Butte Falls.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said those big cats are pretty common in rural areas, and can be attracted to homes by food smells. They said many people living in those areas don’t realize how often the cats can be on people’s property.

“We do have a lot of cougars around in the valley, they’re pretty much everywhere,” said Mark Vargas with ODFW. “And just be aware of that. Be concerned but don’t panic.”

To avoid attracting the cougars, ODFW recommended putting any dog food inside at night, or moving livestock close to a barn. They said if you see one, do not approach it, and back away slowly, making yourself look as big as you can.