Home Invasion Assault In Rogue River

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ROGUE RIVER, Ore. — A local man is recovering after being beaten up by two men inside his own home this past weekend. The three people involved in that home invasion were arrested and are being held here at the Jackson County Jail on a laundry list of charges.

Sheriff officials say the incident happened Saturday, on the 3500 block of Evans Creek Road in Rogue River. The home owner, Richard Patterson, had fell asleep in his living room and woke up to flash lights and the voices of two men.

Later identified as 22-year-old William Sandlin and 29-year-old Joseph Callas, and the third was a driver, Brooke Villa. The two demanded money from Patterson they say he owed one of them. He handed over $700 and then began to fight the two, as he felt threatened for his life.

Shots were fired but no one was hurt. The Sheriff’s Office says Patterson has a legal medical marijuana grow at his home and say these locations are at risk for this type of activity. Patterson did not want to go on camera but says he has never had a problem with break-ins before.

He sustained a few injuries from the brawl including a black eye, bruising on the left part of his face and a broke shoulder. Police spotted the three suspects within 29 minutes of the original 911 call. Amongst all of the charges filed are assault and unlawful use of a weapon.