Holiday Travels Planning to Take Off

Holiday Travelers Hitting The Road

MEDFORD, Ore. — Fourth of July travelers are gearing up to hit the roads. According to TripAdvisor more than 20% of people plan on traveling during Independence Day weekend.

Some travelers were already heading out Tuesday, others are waiting until Wednesday or even the fourth of July itself. According to the survey, 11% of people will travel over the holiday weekend.

Judy Whitcomb and her husband took off Tuesday. They said despite the heat and gas prices, they still plan on taking their annual trip. They go to California for the fourth of July every year and this year is no different.

“We’re traveling to San Francisco to see my grandchildren in the valley and we are going to see the county fair,” Whitcomb said. “We celebrate the fair every year.”

68% percent of people surveyed said they do not plan on traveling for the holiday. They plan on celebrating Independence Day at home or at a place nearby.