Holiday Traffic Picks Up

holiday trafficMEDFORD, Ore. — Medford residents say they saw a noticeable increase in the number of cars driving around town now that road conditions have improved.

Traffic has built up once again on Highway 62 now that ice has melted, bringing drivers out of their homes and into stores. After a week of icy roads and drivers avoiding driving when possible, streets and parking lots filled up once again.

The owner of the Northwest Outdoors Store says he noticed more cars in the shopping center’s parking lot over the past two days. Business owners weren’t the only ones who saw a difference, commuters say they were surprised at what seemed to be

“”It seems like there’s a ton of people out there on the roads today. The parking lots are packed and it seems like people are happy to be out and about,” said Paul Suchanski.

With just 12 days until Christmas and even less for gifts to get in the mail, shoppers say they are checking gifts off their list now that the roads have cleared up. Local businesses are expecting a busy weekend now that the road conditions are cleared up and now that time is ticking for last minute shoppers.

Some stores, like the Northwest Outdoors Store, said overall they didn’t take too big of a hit to business, because customers were coming in seeking warm coats to beat the freezing temperatures.

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  1. william says:

    Too many people driving. Walk. Ride a bike. There are too many of you!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing anyone does is drive in Medford. What is wrong with you people. Oil is a finite resource and each and every person requires it? Nooooooooooooooo you don’t. Put some effort into living, you were given legs by whomever you believe in so , uh, hello use your god given skills. Duh.

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