Holiday Toy and Food Drive Kicks Off

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Whether you’re doing your holiday shopping at the mall or online, as you’re making your purchases, you might want to pick up an item for a local child in need. Monday begins the third annual Holiday Toy and Food Drive.

Everything you donate, from canned goods to board games and toys, all goes to help families in need. The Salvation Army said that number of families in need could be higher this year. Every year, the Salvation Army says it has to help give a little bit more to a few more people.

“We’ve run out of food a couple times, we’ve never done that in our history before,” said Salvation Army Captain Martin Cooper. “More people come in, well over a thousand people a month come in to our food pantry alone.”

An increasing need has also brought increasing support.

“Every year seems to get bigger and bigger, and I guess the fortunate news is that the people of Southern Oregon and Jackson County continue to be very supportive,” Captain Cooper said.

As the 2012 Toy and Food Drive officially kicks off, people are coming by the drop boxes giving whatever they can to people in need.

“Because I’ve been very blessed and I feel like I want to be able to share the good blessings that I’ve had this year,” said Kris Legault, who was donating items on Monday.

The Salvation Army estimates it will help around 1,000 families this holiday season. So every little bit dropped off at area Fred Meyer stores help and whether it’s educational toys or holiday meal fixings, the goal is to show that the community cares.

“Well if everybody just adds a small contribution it really adds up, and there’s a lot of people that are without jobs right now and I think if we can all come together as a community and each add a little bit, then it’ll cover the bases hopefully,” Apparel Manager Dave Heun

With more people needing that little bit of extra help during the holiday season, they don’t want anyone to be left wanting. Click here for more information.


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  1. missy says:

    I would like to get information on where to recieve toys. My family is really struggling this year and we are looking for ways to give our kids a good christmas. So any info we can get would be great. thanks

  2. Sam says:

    I’d like to point out that this drive is also going on in Grants Pass to serve families in need in Josephine County.

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