Hit-and-Run Suspect Charged with DUII

By Steven Sandberg

MEDFORD, Ore. — The suspect in last week’s fatal hit-and-run crash in Medford has now been charged with driving under the influence when it happened. That new charge has been handed down by a Jackson County grand jury.

Police say last week, 34-year-old Leta Schroeder of Central Point caused a fatal accident at the intersection of Highways 99 and 62. They say she crashed her truck into a van and killed one of its occupants. Now prosecutors say there is evidence she was under the influence of intoxicants at the time of that fatal crash July 23rd.

Schroeder was arrested in White City nearly 14 hours after the crash on charges of manslaughter and hit and run. Then, last Thursday, she was indicted by a Jackson County grand jury that indictment included a charge for DUII. Jackson County prosecutors declined to comment on what evidence led to the new DUII charge they say releasing that information will affect the jury in the case.

23-year-old Efran Vargas-Urena died in the crash and three others were sent to the hospital. Schroeder is still in Jackson County Jail; her bail is set at 3 million dollars. The Jackson County District Attorney’s Office says it is still awaiting a date for a preliminary hearing.

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  1. Happy Valley says:

    This is a VERY VERY BAD TRAGEDY!! I actually know this lady and a few of her family members!
    She was my neighbor and about 3 months after I had moved into the neighborhood,
    I met her and her family! I can’t say, “I knew her well” but I knew she had problems!
    Prior to this, her children had been taken from her and placed in protective services! I love each of her three children (all female) and always & will always have a spot in my heart for her children! In 2010 her husband was awarded at least 1.5 million dollars for an accident he suffered major injuries in! Both her & her husband come from a background of meth, drinking and other drugs and if anyone gives that amount of money to addicts, anything is possible and tragedy awaits! Money opened up the door, of a lot of negative choices and not only have her own children suffer from it all, now innocent people and their families fall victims of her outta control behaviors! “money” changed this family and NOTHING good had come outta it and NOW innocent lives have been taken and only God has the power to “take life!” One year or so after their 1.5 million dollar winnings from law suite, they were broke and losing their utilities! How is that possible in just a year? Don’t know, but it is and was possible! Addicts should be screened with a fine tooth comb, especially once cps just got involved! Why wasn’t Leta monitored? Why didn’t CPS investigate and require daily urinalysis? I think this could of been prevented if CPS/Jackson County services were involved more than they were! Plus she had no license, and therefore had NO business on the road driving any vehicle! I’m very sad for the family that have been affected in this car crash and of course her three daughters, that were counting on their mother to get her a$$ together and fight for them and get them outta CPS’

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