Update to Fatal Crash Near Wolf Creek

BREAKING NEWSWOLF CREEK, Ore. – The ongoing investigation with Oregon State Police troopers is leading them to believe the accident reported earlier this afternoon along I-5 near Wolf Creek, may not have been a hit-and-run.

The driver of the involved commercial truck reportedly walked back to the scene of the crash after parking his truck just a half mile north at a fueling station. The driver said he was unaware someone had died in the collision, which involved his truck and a parked pickup and trailer.

The victim had been on a paving project and stopped the pickup and trailer on the right shoulder, with the overhead caution lights and emergency flashers on. Both northbound lanes were open at the time. When the employee got out of the pickup to break down the portable sign next to the guardrail, he was struck.

The involved company has asked their name be withheld until the victim’s name is released.


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  1. Luanna Neal says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that this happened – I am more surprised that this hasn’t happened numerous times. The big trucks drive crazy on this portion of I-5, with no respect for the speed limit or other drivers. They fly down the hills doing 70+, and change lanes without looking, sometimes forcing other drivers into the emergency lane – I know I have been the victim of this on more than one occasion. With all the construction from Hugo to Glendale, one would think the trucks would drive in a safe, conscientious manner, but the opposite is true. OSP needs to spend more time out here monitoring the trucks.

  2. Sandra Smith says:

    Out of respect for the deceased the person that lost HER life was a female not a male! She worked for LTM as a Traffic Control Supervisor and has worked for the company for many years, as my husband was employed with them also and has worked with her in the past. As a dispatcher and a road worker myself yes these trucks need to slow down!! We take numerous calls everyday of complaints of speeding motorists threw work zones. All I can think about is this dedicated woman was a hard working mother and wife and my condolences go out to her family. My husband and I knew her personally and when reporting on such sensitive matters wish you as the news media would get the correct facts before reporting them!

  3. Ann says:

    It’s so sad, but please don’t group all truck drivers. Not all are bad the majority are good drivers. My husband drives truck and he is a very good driver. My prayers to all involved.

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