History Behind Local Hotel Owners

Ashland Springs HotelASHLAND, Ore. — The general manager of the Ashland Springs Hotel says it could be a matter of days or just a few weeks before the partnership between the Red Lion and the owners of the Ashland Springs Hotel is finalized.

Those owners, Becky and Doug Neuman, have a history of reviving landmarks. In the late 1990’s, they purchased the Mark Antony Hotel and renovated it.

The building, renamed the Ashland Springs Hotel, was built in 1925 as the Lithia Springs Hotel. Back then it was the tallest building between Portland and San Francisco. The Neuman’s spent millions of dollars to renovate it.

Then, earlier this year, the Neuman’s announced the purchase of another landmark hotel that had been closed for years. A section of the Ashland Hills Hotel, which was most recently called the Windmill Inns of America, has been closed since 2007.

The Neuman’s are bringing it back to life to give Ashland a space for tourists, conventions and conferences. Ashland hills was built in 1978 on the south side of Ashland. They hope to have it open by 2014.