Police Investigate Crash on Highway 62

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NEAR SHADY COVE, Ore. — State police say criminal charges could be filed after an afternoon rollover on Highway 62.

The accident left four people with serious injuries. All were in the same car. OSP troopers say one of the car’s passengers faces potentially life threatening injuries. They say the driver could face homicide charges stemming from neglect depending on the outcome of those injuries.

The accident occurred around 2 p.m. on Monday afternoon. Troopers say four male passengers were heading toward Medford in a white Honda passport. It isn’t certain why that car rolled over, but several of the passengers were thrown out in the crash.

A Mercy Flights helicopter was called in, and the victims were taken to Rogue Valley Medical Center with anywhere from broken bones to potentially fatal injuries.

“The driver of the vehicle obviously has a responsibility to maintain control of that vehicle, and if he fails to do so and causes harm to somebody else, then it can be determined to be criminal in nature,” explained Oregon State Police Senior Trooper Jeff Walker.

State police officials say those charges could range from assault to reckless driving, or even criminal negligent homicide, depending on the outcome of the injuries. No other vehicles were involved in the crash.


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  1. Samantha says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself! How about stating the real facts! Like all the kids who were thrown from the car had less injuries then the driver, which was the only one who had a seat belt on! Or better yet, have some compassion for the kids and families instead of pointing fingers and speaking of the charges this child could face.

    1. alexus says:

      Funny you try and say that since the driver walked away with a broken arm. While my brother still sits on the hospital fight along with the youngest boy. So maybe you should get your facts straight before yelling at the news for stating what is real *****.

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