High Temps Lead to Long Wait List

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MEDFORD, Ore. — In the past week, outdoor temperatures have climbed past 100, and calls for air conditioning repair have climbed past 200. The number of calls has crews working overtime, and customers in a waiting line.

Triple digit temperatures combined with only half of her A.C. units working has led to 80 degree temperatures inside Judy Owens’ home.

“We have two units, so that’s kind of been saving our bacon, but the front of the house stays cool, but the back where we sleep is miserable,” said Owens.

Tuesday, Adam Berg with Allied Comfort Pro was able to stop by her home, one of hundreds of calls he’s had in the past week. He said problems with A.C. units vary.

“It takes a number of tools to correctly diagnose something,” said Berg.

Within minutes, one of his tools tells him the likely culprit.

“There it goes, you see that fan just quit. The compressor is still running,” said Berg.

In this case, it was fan motor failure, but other common problems include dirty air filters and low refrigerant. Checking air filters inside your home monthly, as well as making sure debris isn’t affecting your unit, are just some things you can do to prevent being added to the wait list. Another tip, despite a heat wave outside, the A.C. coils can freeze but even that can be avoided.

“I always tell folks ‘stay above 70 degrees.’ Because if it actually gets that cold in the house, overnight, it will start to frost up. Once you build up that frost, it turns into ice and it just cascades from there,” said Berg.

Owens said she’ll now keep a closer eye on her unit year-round to avoid being in this situation next July.

“It sure makes you want to be prepared next year to make sure those things are in good working order before this heat starts,” said Owens.