High Tech Crimes Investigation Changes

crimesCENTRAL POINT, Ore. — An effort to save money is being cited as the driving force behind the closure of the office of the Southern Oregon High Tech Crimes Task Force.

The City of Central Point Police Department  says it recently decided that things could be improved by “transitioning away from the current lab-based service model and allow forensic examiners to conduct operations from their respective home agencies.”

A Central Point Police Department statement says the “current practice of assigning personnel to an off-site lab was no longer financially responsible to the participating agencies.”  Current members will still work as a task force when it comes to federal case investigations in our region.

This affects the Central Point, Medford, and Ashland Police Departments, as well as the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney’s Office, FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security.



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  1. Dar Taylor says:

    This really sucks! The High Tech Crimes Task Force has helped solve many crimes which would not have been solved previously. Josh Moulin was the driving force to get this started. He is gone now. So what happened? Did the new Director spend too much money and now this is shut down?

    I’m so disappointed this has been shut down. On line sex offenders and predators will continue to commit crimes and go un captured and un prosecuted.

  2. RidgeRunner says:

    Not too smart…..cut elsewhere.
    The historic parallel would be similar to 100 years ago when the majority of police departments opted NOT to have vehicle traffic enforcement bureaus.

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