High Schooler Writes Song For Sparrow

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NEAR GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A Southern Oregon high school sophomore is selling a song online; its proceeds will benefit the family of a 12-year-old who died of bone cancer in November.

Hannah Sarganis is a typical teenager in some ways, like her love for the Jonas Brothers; however, in other ways, she stands out. At 9-years-old, Hannah was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. The countless finger pricks and blood sugar monitoring was wearing on Hannah, when a big change in her perspective came in a small package. Hannah was in the crowd when Hidden Valley High School met their Sparrow, Caitlyn Lippolis, last November. All of a sudden, Hannah says her problems didn’t seem so bad.

Hidden Valley High School adopted Caitlyn Lippolis as their Sparrow near the end of her life. 12-year-old Caitlyn was battling bone cancer and had already lost her leg to the disease, but still, Hannah said Caitlyn was smiling. That’s why Sarganis decided to write a song honoring Caitlyn. The song details the strength of a 12-year-old girl battling bone cancer.

The song Sarganis wrote, called “Someone So Strong”, is on sale for 99 cents online. All of the proceeds will go to help Caitlyn’s family with medical bills.