H.S. Sports to Continue if Strike Occurs

10-24 rob web footballMEDFORD, Ore. — If the strike moves forward, it will be business as usual for high school athletics in the Medford School District. Right now, basketball, swimming and wrestling teams at the varsity, junior varsity and freshman level can follow the calendar as planned.

Secondary Education Director Todd Bloomquist says there are only five coaches that would be on strike in the entire district and those coaches would have to give it all or nothing during that time.

No teachers would be able to not teach and still coach; their whole position is on strike for that period. Bloomquist says continuing athletics has been a big concern for parents.

“We have some students that are competing for state championships type plays, I mean this is really critical stuff,” Bloomquist said. “Some of them are seniors and scholarships sometimes ride on how they do their senior year. This is a real gift to our staff and our kids to be able to run forward like that.”

On top of that, South Medford girls’ basketball team is ranked number one in the state and North Medford and South Medford boys’ basketball teams are tied for first in their conference, so forfeiture would have really impacted those teams if athletics had been canceled.