High Pressure Brings Dry Weather

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A dominant ridge of high pressure has settled in to our area after the weekend of active weather. High pressure acts to keep clouds from forming, therefore, precipitation doesn’t get a chance to form. With the lack of cloud coverage, temperatures have a chance to fluctuate more than normal. When clouds are not present overnight, radiation that is emitted from the earth has nothing to trap it, therefore it gets lost to space and temperatures at the surface get colder, faster. During the day, temperatures have a chance to warm faster because there is a lack of cloud coverage to block incoming solar radiation. Expect temperatures to get cold before sunrise, and then get very warm in the late afternoon.

There is a WIND ADVISORY in effect for the Rogue Valley until Wednesday at 5 a.m. The down-sloping flow will cause winds to pick up overnight. Winds are expected to be the strongest around 11 p.m. on Tuesday. Any high profile vehicles traveling along I-5 between Talent and Ashland may be affected.

This high pressure trend is set to last until next week. Sunny skies and large temperature fluctuations will last until then. The warmest temperatures will come this weekend as high temperatures will get into the lower to mid-70s. This is a sure sign that Spring is almost here!

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Meteorologist Seth Phillips

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