High Need for Homeless Housing

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MEDFORD, Ore. — One paint stroke at a time, The Salvation Army’s Hope House is improving. The transitional living facility is gaining a family unit and its existing rooms are getting spruced up.

Like this remodel, Hope House workers are giving people a fresh start and what they need to restore their lives. Right now there are more than 100 families on a waiting list for that facility.

The Hope House is not the only place in the county with a long waiting list. Jackson County Judge Patricia Crain says the need is overwhelming. And with Parallel House closing earlier this year, it’s up to places like Hope House and OnTrack to give people a second chance. “If you can give folks a chance to become rehabilitated, while allowing them to be united with their children at the same time give them treatment and then give them a safe place to live while they can be monitored by case managers, by someone on site, this will help them become integrated back into society,” said Judge Crain.