High Hopes for Wheelmobile Contestants

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MEDFORD, Ore. – The Wheelmobile is packing up after two days of tryouts, but it isn’t gone for good.

Round two of auditions will be right here in Medford, but where and when that second round will take place is a mystery.

Organizers say that if contestants thought this was nerve-racking, they haven’t seen anything yet.

“They get to know you a little more with your personality, but they really grind into you with your puzzle solving skills,” said Matt Erbstein, the Wheelmobile’s Tour Manager. “It’s not quite as loose as it is here.”

As for who gets picked, that too is a mystery. But one thing that contestants won’t have to worry about is competition.

“We don’t come here with a quota in mind,” said Erbstein. “We’re really looking for quality over quantity. So if we find one great contestant, great. If we find fifty, even better.”

At the very least, contestants say they have some great memories to keep them occupied while they keep their fingers crossed.

“I just had fun,” said Kyle Kling, one of the contestants to appear on stage. “It was fun to come here and do this, and fun to get up on stage, so I’m glad my grandma told me to do it.”