High Hopes Farm Land Seized

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RUCH, Ore. – A medical marijuana grower raided by DEA agents in September is facing another battle: federal agents are going after his property.

Federal agents raided High Hopes Farm back in September, discovering hundreds of marijuana plants and dried pot over the state’s legal limit, but the federal government isn’t done with him.

Federal prosecutors from the U.S. District court in Portland are pursuing a forfeiture case to seize the farm’s land. The owner of that farm, James Bowman, has not been officially charged of any crimes and he does not own that property. Court documents reveal his girlfriend is the registered owner.

High Hopes Farm was under aerial surveillance since 2008. NewsWatch12 spoke with an attorney who represents medical marijuana patients and their providers statewide; he said it’s the first time he’s heard the federal government pursuing land in a medical marijuana case.

Court papers by the prosecutors say the federal government is seizing the property in a forfeiture case because it was, “Used to commit and facilitate violations if controlled substance laws, therefore properties are subject to forfeiture.”

The attorney says Bowman or his girlfriend has an option. They can file a claim as a civil lawsuit to counter the federal government.