Hidden Valley High Adopts Sparrow

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. – The Sparrow Club has made its way to a new Rogue Valley school. Wednesday afternoon students at Hidden Valley High School adopted their first ever Sparrow child, 12 year old Caitlyn who is currently fighting for her life in Portland.

“Whatever It Takes” – a fitting motto for the students of Hidden Valley High School who say they will do everything they can to help Caitlyn who is currently battling bone cancer.

“As recent as 3 weeks ago she had scans done and the cancer is back within her lungs, so she’s fighting currently up in Portland at this hospital, her family is up there with her,” explained Matt Sampson, the Regional Director of the Sparrow Clubs.

Matt Sampson said the high school assembly Wednesday afternoon will give the family strength to fight on.

“This assembly is just geared to give her family some hope and some strength as they continue to fight,” Sampson stated.

Sampson is sure that as much as the financial and emotional support will impact Caitlyn and her family, the students will feel an impact as well.

“As much as these students up here at hidden valley will impact her life, once these students get to know her, she’s going to impact their life,” Sampson said.

One of the sponsors for Hidden Valley High School’s sparrow is Elmer’s and vice president of operations Terry Hopkins says he has seen how the Sparrow Club impacts both the community and the family in need.

“The thing that I love is that it matches the Elmer’s concept in that it’s community driven, the kids in the community are given a chance to be heroes and they always come through,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins himself was the parent of a child sponsored by the Sparrow Club, as his son battled leukemia. Hopkins says the feeling of having a whole community supporting his family meant the most.

“It’s more than a financial crisis,” Hopkins explained. “There’s a feeling of solitude, loneliness and being scared.”

Donations made at Southern Oregon Elmer’s locations will go toward supporting a local Sparrow child. The Grants Pass Elmer’s location has already raised more than $1,500 for Caitlyn and their sponsor ship continues through the end of the month.