Heritage Earns Man Historic Invite

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A Southern Oregon man is chosen to represent the state alongside congressman Greg Walden.

The owner of Sunrise Café, Ed Chun, was told through a text message, he was invited to Washington D.C.

“Turns out this little event turned out to  be a joint session of congress where the South Korean president Park, the first  female president of South Korea will address the joint session of congress,” explained Chun.

Chun has known Walden for more than a decade. He considers a supporter and friend. Throughout the years, Chun has shared his background with Walden. His parents gave up their medical careers in South Korea. They brought Chun and his siblings to America.

“And now my sister and I own two locations of Sunrise Cafe here in Medford, and I have a sister in Seattle that has her own business,” said Chun.

Chun says he is honored to go to the U.S. Capitol.

“Being a tourist, but you know, really being an American, experiencing what the history of Washington D.C. has for our country,” said Chun.