Heritage District Idea Moved Back

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Jackson County Commissioners have already agreed to refer measures to voters that would create a county-wide library levy in May, and a measure to help pay for extension services.

Recent appeals to add a measure to establish a heritage district to help fund local historical societies, and another to make commissioners a non-partisan position, will have to take a back seat in the May primary.

“Adding anything to the ballot at this time would further complicate the election process in May and would further disadvantage the library district that were are trying to create right now,” explained Jackson County Commissioner Doug Breidenthal.

“I have to agree with Doug, and it’s not only the libraries. I’m concerned about extension service. I want to focus on those two. I’d like to put all my effort on the libraries and extension service,” said Jackson County Commissioner John Rachor.

Heritage district organizers are obviously disappointed that the commissioner won’t be putting their measure on the May ballot, but they say if there is a chance to get it on at a later date, maybe there’s some hope in that.

“Obviously, this is a question the people need to decide, and you can’t do that unless you get yourself on the ballot. So, November is better than nothing by a whole lot,” said Tam Moore, of Heritage District PAC.

In addition to considering putting a heritage district measure on next November’s ballot, Commissioner Doug Breidenthal suggested adding a funding line for the district in the county’s budget next year. That would depend on passage of the library measure.