Helicopter Thinning Near Ashland

ASHLAND, Ore. – Ashland residents may notice a buzzing noise above them this week as crew members thin out trees near the watershed.

Crews are moving closer to city limits working on the Ashland Forest Resiliency project. It’s a plan to protect the watershed by cutting away trees and reducing the chances of a wildfire.

Granite Street is closed off during the weekdays at Glenview Drive near the Lithia Swim Reservoir. They say drivers should trek slowly up those roads and watch for logging trucks. Crews are hoping to wrap up the work near city limits this week.

“The logging projects been going really, really well. Except for some of the weather conditions. Just the rain and the fog have kept the aircraft down a little bit during the day. The holiday shut us down a little bit,” said Columbia Helicopters Spokesman Dan Sweet.

Crews will be logging from 7 a.m. until it gets dark.