Helicopter Search For Escaped Inmate

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MEDFORD, Ore. – The search continued on the ground and in the air for an inmate who escaped from the Jackson County Jail this week.

Sheriff Mike Winters said a helicopter was flying over the Bear Creek Greenway searching for Bradley Monical, who escaped Monday night. Deputies were also patrolling the trail.

The helicopter was seen flying over the Greenway in areas ranging from Ashland to Central Point. The sheriff’s office also released a picture of the recreation yard where Monical escaped from Monday night. Anyone who sees him is asked to call police.


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  1. Friends of Dave Lewis says:

    When Dave Lewis was murdered & burned Mike Winters never held one press conference, let alone follow-ups. He never met with the family, would not answer questions and showed no interest in making the heinous murder in Jackson County public. This terrible crime happened in Mike’s neighborhood on the Dead Indian Memorial road. Something stinks with this Sheriff. Outside law enforcment needs to polygraph him; including questions about the BILLION dollar eradications.

  2. R. James says:

    Is it only me that thinks a picture of the escaped inmate might be more appropriate than that of a broken window????

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