Helicopter Logging In Ashland Watershed

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ASHLAND, Ore. – A major thinning project in the Ashland Watershed has crews doing their work in the sky. Helicopters are being used to carry logs out of the remote area.

In order to fight wildfire fuel in the Ashland Watershed, crews are taking an aerial approach. Logging by helicopter. Crews are thinning sections of thick forest in remote area of the Ashland Watershed, and helicopters are carrying those logs out.

It’s part of a 10-year project by the City of Ashland, the Forest Service, and conservation groups to decrease wildfire hazards in the watershed. City officials say the work is designed to protect the source of Ashland’s drinking water from wildfire.

The 10 year project will affect nearly 7,600 acres. The thinned trees are being taken to a local mill to be used as lumber. The helicopter work is expected to last a few more weeks, so people in Ashland will continue to hear these aircraft going overhead. The public is being asked to avoid the end of Granite Street, it’s been closed, and to watch out for log trucks going down that road.