Heckert Leads Jackson County District Attorney Race

May 15, 2012

By Steven Sandberg

JACKSONVILLE, Ore. — Early results in the race for Jackson County District Attorney show a commanding lead. Three candidates faced off to replace a man that has served as Jackson County’s District Attorney for two decades.

Voters chose the candidate the current D.A. endorsed. Chief Deputy District Attorney Beth Heckert took 55% of the vote. Rob Patridge was far behind with 27% and David Hoppe with 16%. Although the three D.A. candidates are still waiting for the final results, Beth Heckert says she is pleased to see such a large early lead. The first election results came in around 8 p.m., and put Chief Deputy District Attorney Beth Heckert in the lead with 55% of the vote. More than 7,000 votes ahead of her closest challenger; then, two hours went by without an update, so Heckert was left with a sense of “hurry up and wait” until the results are final.

Heckert beat out candidate Rob Patridge, who earned 28% of the vote, and fellow prosecutor David Hoppe, who had 17% of the vote. Heckert has been a prosecutor in Jackson County for 22 years, and was endorsed by current District Attorney Mark Huddleston, who is retiring at the end of the year. Heckert says her campaign wanted to stress her experience in the district attorney’s office.

“We worked really hard, we knocked on a lot of doors, had a lot of volunteers, a lot of support in the community, and I am really pleased with these initial results,” said Chief Deputy District Attorney Beth Heckert.

Dave Hoppe says he is disappointed in the results, but said he is glad a career prosecutor was elected. He said it is important to have someone in that office with experience trying serious cases and he knew all along that if he did not win, he wanted Beth Heckert to win.