Heavy Rain & Significant Snow

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The strongest storm we have seen so far this year will be moving inland late tonight. Today will be the calm before the storm, with  increasing clouds and increasing winds. Gusts at the Coast into this afternoon could reach 40mph.

Early Saturday morning the moderate to heavy rain begins, first at the Coast and around 5 & 6 o’clock inland. Winds will pick up at the Coast late tonight through Saturday morning. FOr this reason, a high wind warning has been issued for not only the Coast but also the Klamath Basin where winds will pick up Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening. Winds will be out of the SW and SE, gusting to 50-60 mph. The Summer Lake area may see gusts up to 70mph. Also, the Shasta Valley is anticipated to see strong winds but at this time is not under a wind warning.

An addition to strong winds, high waves and strong surf is among the impacts. A high surf warning is in place for the Coast and also a storm warning for the coastal waters. Wave breaks will reach 30-34 feet following the front Saturday afternoon and evening.

Two waves of rain/snow will move through. The first, arriving early Saturday morning and the second, arriving around late morning. This will bring 1-3″ of rain to the Coast, 2″-4″ in the Coastal Range Mountains and 0.50″-1″ to West Side Valleys. Snow levels will be around 6,000′ in the morning, allowing a lot of the Cascades to begin the storm as rain. With the second wave, cold air moves in and rain transitions to snow as snow levels drop to 3,5000′ in the afternoon. Significant mountain snow is anticipated with this storm due to the abundant moisture it carries. By Saturday evening, snow levels will be down to 3,000.’

Above 5,000′ over Siskiyou County 3″-6″ of snow will likely fall. In the Cascades & Siskiyous between 6″-12″ will fall. Crater Lake and Diamond Lake are facing 12″-18″ and Mount Ashland 6″+ or more (ironically the weekend of their “Pray for Snow” party).

Snow showers will be ongoing through Saturday afternoon and evening in the high terrain. A winter storm watch is in place for the Cascades and Siskiyous at this time although it will likely become a winter storm warning by the afternoon Friday. Sunday will bring in a warm front that will continue to bring showers before dry weather moves in for Monday.

Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese