Heavy Rain, High Water In Josephine Co.

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SELMA, Ore. – The rain storm on Tuesday had many in Josephine County running high. Much of the major changes observed were in the Illinois Valley. In some smaller creeks, the water was actually coming up over its banks.

In Selma, Zachary Robinson says the creek just out back of his veterinary clinic ran over its banks and had reached the back step of his building. He said all of the rain the area had received pushed the water to within inches of his porch, but so far he said it hasn’t impacted his clinic or leaked inside.

Flooded creeks may be the worst of it. Josephine County has crews on the road, and they’re looking for any other problems the weather may be causing. Josephine County Public Works is hoping the worst of the weather is over, but they have crews on the road checking for any problems caused by the wind and rain. They said they will stay alert until the hard rain stops falling.

“You get a lot of trees that are potentially weakened over the course of the summer, so when that first rain saturates the ground, any kind of wind takes them down and we did have about a half dozen or a dozen trees that came down yesterday or last night with the wind,” said Josephine County Public Works’ Rob Brandes.

Some rivers in Josephine County were running very muddy and brown today. The Illinois River ran the highest, it reached action stage at one point, which means the water was near the top of its banks. Josephine County Public Works says the main thing it’s responded to was downed trees or branches. They said as the wind has calmed down today, those kind of problems have started to slow down.