Heat Wave Peaks Today

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High pressure continues to sit and expand over the West. The heat wave will peak today and temperatures will be the warmest of the week. Many locations will either tie or break records by late afternoon. An offshore wind will again bring temperatures well into the 70’s today at the Coast, although I would not be surprised if we make it into the 80’s there.

Records today are from decades ago — the 1920’s 1930’s & even 1907. Many locations will likely shatter these records as opposed to coming close to them. Grants Pass’s record is from 1927 and is forecasted to climb two degrees above it. Medford’s record is from 1939 and is forecasted to climb to the record temperature. Only time will tell!

Winds will shift into Thursday and this will cool temperatures down at the Coast and bring in some clouds as well. Thursday will remain very warm inland though, and the 80’s and 90’s are still expected under mostly sunny skies.

A cooling trend will begin on Friday for all locations. The first half of the weekend is looking dry and partly sunny, with temperatures fairly comfortable and more seasonable — the 60’s & 70’s. Sunday though, we cool down even further and showers will move in as well.

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