Health Officials: Get Your Flu Shot

9-9 jbo fluMEDFORD, Ore. — Jackson County health officials are preparing for another flu season, and they’re on the lookout for the first case of the fall.

Earlier this year, flu shots were hard to come by during what turned out to be a busy flu season. This year, the peak is expected to be around that same January-February stretch, and health officials urge the public to get a flu vaccine while you are thinking about it.

The flu season is unpredictable and the virus can sometimes change mid-season. Trends over the past two decades show a peak in the early months of the year rather than the fall.

No cases have yet been reported in Jackson County, but the flu is popping up along the west coast. County health officials say everyone 6 months and older should be vaccinated, and there are a variety of types of ways to get vaccinated this year, with currently no shortage of supply.

“This year there have been a number of new influenza vaccines that have been created so there’s really a lot of choices and you may need to talk to your health care provider about which choice is best for you,” said Dr. Jim Shames.

Among the options are an extra strength vaccine for those 65 or older, a vaccine made suitable for those with egg allergies. Those most at risk include seniors and children, however pregnant women and those who take care of sick patients also see increased risk.