Health Fair Draws Big Turn Out

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Rogue Valley residents stood shoulder to shoulder as they walked around the Medford Armory Saturday morning taking in 86 displays by a variety of vendors.

“I’m seeing what I can eat and what I can’t eat. Because I’m not supposed to have a lot of sugar,” said Medford woman Paula Wright after touring the exibits.

Wright said she paid close attention to the nutrition and diabetes exhibits and was able to take away some valuable information. It’s that information health fair organizer Robin Simpson says is the motivation behind the event.

“What do I do now to improve my life, make my body healthy and make sure that I don’t get those diseases. That’s what people want to know and that’s why they’re here,” said Rogue Valley Health Fair director Robin Simpson.

Simpson says the fair provides an opportunity for both the health fair vendors and attendees.

“These people need a platform to tell people about what they have to offer and the people that come into the fair, the attendees, need a place to get information because we just don’t have a place for health information,” said Simpson.

In addition to the exhibits and health screenings, 18 workshops were presented with topics ranging from weight loss to sleep apnea.

“A great variety this year of different workshops and I think that education piece is what makes it different. People can really come here and get some good information about what they need right now,” said Simpson.

Wright says she attends the fair every year and this year she is walking away with more than just pamphlets and samples.

“I didn’t know about what you can drink and what you can’t drink while being diabetic. I didn’t know I could drink some juices that have low sugar in it. That’s one thing that really got to me,” said Wright.