Hazy Sky Due To Fires

MEDFORD, Ore. – Southern Oregonians are seeing a lot of smoke in the skies; in the Rogue Valley, it’s coming from two fires in the Red Butte Wilderness Area.

The Hello Fire and the Lick fires are both burning with 0% containment and there is also a lot of smoke in the Klamath Basin coming from the Barry Point Fire near Lakeview.

Those fires are being blamed for the haze that has been seen in the Rogue Valley, but the Oregon Department of Forestry says that haze should dissipate soon if the wind direction remains the same.

ODF officials say it has been 25 years since they have seen extreme smoke conditions in the Rogue Valley. In 1987, the area saw a time of zero visibility due to wide spread lightning fires.

Photo courtesy: Fred Whey 


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  1. Marvin Thornbrue says:

    Really? I suppose the 2001 Biscuit fire was a figment of my imagination! Lets get this straight ODF, lay off the pot, apparently you can’t see the smoke for the haze in your offices. Every year BLM and ODF insist on burning slash the first decent sunny day of spring and we don’t have clear skies again until well into the fall rains. Most of us are sick of your management practices. Also don’t give me the line that there is no other way to deal with slash and brush. I work for some of the manufacturers that have come out with innovative machinery including some that turn slash into a “log” that can be hauled into a biomass facility to produce electricity. You guys are a bunch of pot smoking hippie do nothings in my opinion.

  2. Carole Davis says:

    Marvin, why do have to insult hippies because these guys at the ODF and BLM don’t know what they’re doing? They are NOT hippies, nothing even close. In fact, all the hippies I know feel pretty much the same as you do about their policies and practices. Chill out, dude!

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