Hazardous Mountain Travel Ahead

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A cold front offshore this morning will bring gusty winds to the area, in particular the coast, east side, ridges and central Siskiyou county with gusts from 40 mph at the coast to 55 mph further east and south. Precipitation will start off as rain for most areas as snow levels will be around 4,000 feet during the day then as the front passes snow levels will drop to 3,000 feet this evening. The heaviest snow will fall in Siskiyou county from around four today through ten tomorrow morning and with gusty winds, expect hazardous travel will snow covered roads and poor visibility. A Winter Storm Warning is in effect for this storm above 3,500 feet with 6 to 15 inches of snow possible above that elevation by tomorrow at 10 AM and snow will continue through the day Wednesday, but it will be lighter.

Coast: Moderate to Heavy rain through tonight and tomorrow mid-morning. Gusts up to 40 mph through the day, becoming breezy tonight and tomorrow. Chance for thunderstorms tomorrow that may produce small hail.

West Side: Rain may be heavy at times and fairly breezy with gusts up to 25 mph possible, mainly at the higher elevations. Rain continue tonight and tomorrow morning then becoming lighter during the day tomorrow. Snow levels will remain around 3,000 feet through Wednesday, then drop to 2,000 perhaps 1,500 feet at times by Thursday morning. Any snow showers or rain/snow mix that falls Thursday morning will be light and only expecting maybe a dusting, if anything, at 1,500 feet.

Cascades: Snow begins this morning becoming heavy around four today through ten tomorrow morning with the potential of 6 to 13 inches of snow with the heaviest snow. Snow will become lighter tomorrow afternoon but will continue through the day. Winds will be gusty through this evening up to 40 mph, winds will lighten up tonight but remain breezy. Snow and wind will cause hazardous travel with snow covered roads and poor visibility due to blowing and drifting snow. This is possible for the Cascade passes, the east side and especially northern California this evening through tomorrow morning.

East Side: Precipitation will hold off until this afternoon, starting at rain for most areas then quickly turning to snow this evening with moderate snow falling from ten tonight through noon tomorrow. A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for this snow and a Wind Advisory is in effect for gusts winds, up to 55 mph. With snow still on the ground, blowing and drifting snow and thus reduced visibility are possible this afternoon through tomorrow morning.

Northern California: Central Siskiyou county will get hit the hardest with this storm, in particular above 3,500 feet. A Winter Storm Warning is in effect for this system with heavy snow falling from four this afternoon through around ten tomorrow morning, as well as gusty winds up to 55 mph. Winds plus snow means poor visibility due to blowing and drifting snow, and while snow is not expected to accumulate on roads at first, this evening when temperatures drop, it will. Snow covered roads and poor visibility in the dark of night will make travel hazardous, even through your morning commute you may run into travel trouble.

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