Haunting for a Good Cause

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MEDFORD, Ore. — ACCESS says this year it had its busiest month ever back in July. More than 4,000 families that month relied on ACCESS for their hunger needs. Now with food stamps cutbacks starting in November, ACCESS believes it will see another record breaking month in the near future.

ACCESS provides 58,000 pounds of food every week to families in need. It says the holiday support is good, but it’s after the holidays it’s worried about. ACCESS says it typically comes up short in January and organizers are trying to not let that happen this year.

“It’s a struggle for lots of families right now and we know that in the beginning of November we are going to see a lot of families actually have a cut in food stamps so a lot of families are going to lose some of their food stamps up to 10 dollars per person and that will make a lot of difference to families,” explained Philip Yates, the ACCESS Nutrition Program Director.

The Circus of Screams Haunted House is donating to the cause. They are mixing the season of giving with the season of scaring, and mixing a haunted house attraction with a food drive. The Circus of Screams Haunted House is located at 9512 Highway 62 in Eagle Point. It will be open this Wednesday and Thursday from 7-10 p.m. The cost is 7 dollars per person with a non-perishable food item and 10 dollars without.

Also happening today is Ashland’s Fourth Annual Zombie Walk to support local food banks. You can dress as a zombie and head to the Ashland Library, and walk around the Ashland Plaza, tonight at 5:30. This is a food drive to support local food pantries. Zombies and supporters are asked to bring food items for distribution to Ashland area food banks.