Harry and David’s Sees Success

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Rogue Valley’s second largest employer is having its best financial year since 2007.

Harry and David’s gift and gourmet food company saw its revenue climb to $380 million this year, up from $342 million in 2012. The improving financial state is allowing Harry and David’s to grow as a company. Recently, they hired 60 new people and they are working on expanding their business practices.

Economic experts say this increase will help improve the unemployment rate of the Rogue Valley. They also say with more jobs, there will be more spending, and that spending will stimulate the economy.

The CFO of Harry and David’s, Michael Schwindle, says their customer file has declined in recent years, but this year they saw an increase. They attribute this to their recent efforts to connect with customers in different ways. This year, they launched a mobile and tablet website to reach customers on the go.

“As a result we are seeing significant traffic to both and our ability to reach out to our customer in the way our customer is intending to shop and reach out to us is very important to us and that has a very positive affect on sales,” said Michael Schwindle.

They say they plan on launching more new business practices later this year. Harry and David’s say, despite their growing customer base, they still plan on hiring the same amount of holiday help this year as in previous years.