Happy Camp School Opens, Despite Fires

Happy Camp ComplexHAPPY CAMP, Ca. — Happy Camp Elementary students are in the classroom Monday morning after a delayed start due to wildfires. The air quality last week was “hazardous” for the Happy Camp area which prompted the Karuk Tribe to supply air purifiers to the elderly and others in need of them. Although the air quality has improved, Happy Camp Elementary intends to install air purifiers in every classroom as a precaution to keep students and staff safe.

The Happy Camp Complex Fire is 22,670 acres and 20 percent contained. The Complex has been divided into two zones. The Type 1 California Interagency Incident Management Team will manage the east zone and the Type 2 Southern California Incident Management Team will manage the west zone.

The Frying Pan Fire is located in the west zone of the Complex, it’s currently 20,753 acres and 10 percent contained. The Faulkstein Fire is currently 1,917 acres and is zero percent contained. It’s located in the east zone of the Complex. The Type 1 Team is scouting the fire and developing a fire suppression strategy today.

Both of these fires will burn into the 2002 Stanza Fire burn area, which will help temper fire behavior, according to officials.

A clean Air Respite Center is available at the Karuk Tribe Senior Nutrition Center in Happy Camp, 64101 2nd Avenue. The center is open from 8 to 5 p.m. daily and will stay open longer if needed due to smoky conditions.

An evacuation advisory, issued August 13, 2014 continues for residents of Happy Camp along China Grade Road from Elk Creek Bridge to Frying Pan Creek. China Grade Road is open to residents only.