Hannah Reynolds: Amateur AotW

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The Mazama girls soccer team is preparing for the State Championship this Saturday. Hannah Reynolds is a vital part of that preparation, but the vikings senior is also preparing for the start of basketball season, where she’s a captain. After basketball, she’ll prepare for golf. All this while juggling academic honors, acting President of the Honors Society and a former Vice President of Student Council.

“It’s crazy,” Reynolds said. “There’s definitely no down time or anything. I get home and it goes to homework and then to basketball. I’m really on schedule. I don’t waste a lot of time.”

“She really is amazing because she’s somewhat of a perfectionist,” said basketball coach Joy Lease. “I can’t imagine how much sleep she gets. It’s not very much.”

The lack of sleep hasn’t affected her play on the court or field. She was named first team all-conference last year in basketball. In golf, she finished third at state.

“Each sport gives me different skills,” Reynolds said. Like in soccer I learn to see the space and the field open. In basketball it makes me quick think and quick muscle and quick twitch and all that, and then in golf I learn to be patient and deal with what happens. So of course they all kind of give each other helpful things.”

“She’s great about it,” said Lease. “I think it helps us for her to be so involved in soccer and them to go so deep into the season because she’s excited for basketball.”

The one common thread between all three sports is Hannah’s competitive drive.

“I hate losing,” Reynolds said. “It’s one of my weaknesses. You can ask people at practice. We’ll just do simple drills and I’m like, ‘I’m not going to lose this one.’ And that’s part of the reason why I am so successful in all my sports is because I don’t want to lose any of them.”