Hanley Farm Mother’s Day Weekend

FARM STILLCENTRAL POINT, Ore. — A bouquet of flowers is a traditional Mother’s Day gift. Iris’s, orchids, peony’s, whatever your mom’s favorite is, Hanley Farm has it this weekend, potted with a little extra history.

The historic grounds are open for all this weekend at Hanley Farms. Despite the rain on Saturday, those touring through Hanley Farms were still able to participate in fun activities like a scavenger hunt to find and identify heritage plants on the grounds. Visitors can even take home some of those heritage plants for a Mother’s Day gift.

“Good gardeners in the Rogue Valley don’t mind a little rain, and they know that you come early for the best plant selections, so we had a lot of people here early and that’s fine, it’s just wonderful,” said Alice Mullaly, a volunteer with the Southern Oregon Historical Society.

If you missed it today, the Hanley Farm Mother’s Day Weekend Garden Fair starts at 10 a.m. and goes until 3 p.m. Sunday.

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  1. Citizen A says:

    This was great fun, especially the scavenger hunt. The star of the day was the prancing peacock who walked around strutting his stuff and giving a beautiful display of his feathers. It’s a wonderful free event and you can even buy long peacock feathers in the Hanley Mercantile for a $1.00.

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