Hands-On Ag Day

MEDFORD, Ore. — 4th grade students from Medford and Eagle Point got a chance to see a variety of demonstrations from the local agricultural community.

Sheep were sheered, horses had their hooves trimmed and students got to see first-hand what they had been learning in the weeks leading up to today’s “Hands on Ag Day.”

Event organizers say this is the 21st year of the event and more than 900 children, teachers, farmers are involved every year.

“We’re trying to enrich the lives of young people in our valley and we hope to give them just a taste of what agriculture is really about and the importance of it in their world because they are the ones that will be making decision in our world,” said Sharon Bateman, the School Enrichment Coordinator.

The event continues tomorrow with the 10 presentations ranging from honey bees to emus.