Halloween Flash Mob At SOU

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ASHLAND, Ore. – A group of ghouls are scaring up some musical moments across Ashland on Halloween.

A group of about 25 people descended on SOU’s Student Union for a Halloween-themed flash mob. The participants did a zombie-march through the building before breaking out into a dance routine. The group says they enjoy seeing people’s reaction to their sudden appearance.

β€œIt’s a lot of fun when everybody dresses up, but it’s even more scary when a lot of people aren’t dressed up. We did it on Friday in Medford and everybody was like, ‘who are these crazy people?’” said Kymmi Kellems, the flash mob choreographer.

The group is also planning other flash mobs later on Halloween night. They include performances at Ashland’s Crossfit Gym at 10:30 and on the Ashland Plaza after midnight.