Half and Half Weekend Coming Up

A quiet night ahead, with mostly green air quality.  Smoke will build and settle near burning fires, so levels of PM (Particulate Matter) will be higher, closer in proximity to these conflagrations.  Mostly clear tonight, the partly cloudy on Saturday. Mostly green air quality, with some moderate or locally higher readings closer to the fires.


Isolated thunderstorms will form over the mountains, Northern California and the Klamath Basin in the afternoon and evening.  Some dry lightning will accompany the storms, along with gusty winds.


Sunday, a cool front will encroach much of Southern Oregon and Northern California, with the brunt in Northern Oregon and Washington.  Rain will reach the 50% chance, with isolated thunderstorms in the Western Valleys, while higher chances will also be accompanied by a higher percentage of thunderstorms in the Cascades and Siskiyous.  Some showers and thunderstorms, along with gusty winds will be pervasive in the Klamath Basin.


Quieter weather on Monday will allow for cooler than average temperatures and partly cloudy skies.  The next chance for a few showers will mainly be over the mountains, later in the week